We shape the environments of tomorrow

They expect more.Employees expect more meaning in corporate goals and governance; customers expect more openness from organizations. Our world needs a better commitment from all its users.

That’s why we aim to

  • 1

    Strengthen the sustainable culture in organizations at an international level

  • 2

    Facilitate the development of well-being and engagement of end-users in their environment

  • 3

    Build a strong ESG impact from inside to outside organizations

Connect to your

Each place is a new occasion to move organizations towards sustainable habits, raising awareness for a better future.

We aim to build a new bond between spaces and users, sparking collaborative governance to enhance comfort and efficiency.

To do so, we deploy smart solutions inside environments to create interactions supporting people for a better commitment.

Our story

In 2019, 17 years old entrepreneurs created Echooo, a smart bin to guide companies to waste reduction and a better footprint. After months of development, Echooo was elected Belgian startup of the year and twice awarded at the global contest by JA Europe.

Driven by the same vision, new team members joined the project in 2021. From Echooo, it became Ekowz. Now, we are the first Belgian startup to put user experience at the center of smart building and HR Tech initiatives. The company emphasizes the importance of being data-driven and aware, by delivering a secure and integrated IoT solution. Ekowz enables organizations to gather insights, monitor their work environment, and impact the consumption, well-being, and commitment of their employees.

A strong & open culture!

What it looks like to work at Ekowz

Think globally, act locally

What it looks like to work at Ekowz