Valuable data

We provide you insights and tools to monitor your environment, highlight improvement points, and design a measurable action plan. Iteratively we define what is best for your environment and users, analyzing the result of each activity.

Efficient environment

Through consumption rate, quality scores, and behavior monitoring, we help you improve resource and people management. Our solution optimizes your waste and energy management by XX% and increases the commitment of users in your environment by XX%. We assist your facility team to spare time and save costs.

User-custom spaces

Gathering the feelings and perceptions of users in your environment, we define adapted thresholds that will optimize their comfort and performance.

Lead by example

By considering your users, and daring to invest with meaning in their engagement, you dive into sustainability commitment, aligned with your users' expectations and influencing your whole ecosystem.

Trust relationship

Enhancing transparency towards your users through data visualization and collaborative governance makes your environment more trustworthy. Particularly for the return on-site challenge post-pandemia, it shows users that you care about their safety and comfort.

Interactive environment

Deploying smart devices and playful interaction in spaces will be the Next Normal that we help you to reach. Users could be able to visualize, play and optimize their environment to guarantee commitment. Moving fast into innovation is a key factor of resilience.

Collaborative governance

Our software is the entry point for users to monitor their space, take actions, share perceptions and ideas, be consulted for strategic choices regarding ESG actions, and participate in rewarding challenges. We empower users, making them change makers from inside out your environment.

VSDG’s compliance

Ekowz is the key partnership to reach several Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Our IoT approach built to commit users and organizations and deliver ESG impact helps to target the 8th, 11th, and 12th goals. It is proof of responsibility towards the society that can be fueled by Ekwoz and aligned with your business purposes.


To make it change,
make it tangible.

That’s why we use an IoT approach, building our own smart devices to continuously gather data.

Our station analyzes different factors that could influence the wellbeing, mental health, safety, consumption and performance of users inside an environment.

By monitoring those elements, we can define the best use and efficiency rates to ensure cost and resource management alongside comfort.

The station is also capable of determining who has thrown what kind of waste, when, and in which quantity. By assigning the right input to the right type of waste and user, we can highlight improvement points to avoid sorting errors and reduce their footprint.


To make it change,
make it visible.

That’s why users have direct access on-real time to the data to see what is going on.

Our interface displays the environment quality scores of the different factors to raise awareness and facilitate the management.

It send also alerts, tips, and tricks to enhance the whole monitoring. Users monitor their space: they know where to increase the brightness or when to open windows for better air quality, how much the waste generation has decreased, where is the less noisy spot. We raise awareness by showing the impact of our actions on our environment; how we can better manage what we get from it, and what we give to it.

This transparency drives organizations and users to a common responsibility for making the right choices. We are thus diving into collaborative governance.


To make it change,
make it dynamic.

That’s why users can collaborate by bringing their vibe to the space.

Our software is not only about visualization but also interaction. Share your perceptions and feelings about comfort, inclusion, mental health and performance to tailor your environment.

Reacting to the data collected in the space makes users more committed since they can make their voices heard. And this enables us to provide insights and triggers for a “user-custom” environment optimizing their preferences.

This governance tool is also the entry point to participate in the strategic choices of the organization. Users are consulted, can vote, and express their opinions on how to improve the culture inside the organization.


From insights to interactions, and finally... impact.

That’s why each space needs purpose.

All the commitment drives to interactions with and between users generating change.

By instiling meaning inside the culture of the organization, we align it with the personal values of users, especially the young talents. And by energizing them, actions are taken and points are collected through challenges that can be rewarded with global ESG actions.

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"Ekowz’s purpose to leverage the power of data to help individuals build sustainable consumption habits closely aligns with ManpowerGroup’s ESG strategy, and by launching this pilot together we believe we can co-create sustainable solutions for the future of work, empowering our own employees and accelerating towards our ambition of reaching net zero by 2045 or sooner"

Ruth Harper, Chief Sustainability Officer, ManpowerGroup