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Human resources

ManpowerGroup is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business. Every day, ManpowerGroup connects hundred thousand people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries helping to power the success of clients around the world.



Deliver real data to commit ManpowerGroup employees in the culture and sustainability journey of the company.

ManpowerGroup highlights the necessity to collaborate with its stakeholders to change the world and lead by example. This purpose begins through awareness, connecting its employees to their workspaces, sparking wellbeing, health, inclusion, and a better footprint. It is by aligning its workforce with its business goals that an organization will be able to improve its performances and impact.

We assist ManpowerGroup in this challenge, enabling the visualization of comfort, consumption and commitment scores in the company environment.


A 12-months collaborative pilot between employees and the company to jointly define standards of well-being and social responsibility. This pilot takes place in Milan with ManpowerGroup Italy. Several floors and environments are monitored.

Tangible insights cossed with feelings

Based on our data-driven approach and crossed with employees perceptions, we can identify the factors in a space which influence well-being. On top of that we provide targeted recommendations and actionable insights.

Transparency to connect

All the data are visualized in our platform, building trust and responsibility. Employees monitor their workspace, the quality rates and their personal feelings.

We enhance a participative governance alongside resources efficiency and people engagement.

Oversight of the global ESG journey

Tool to monitor & see progress of choose ESG goals to reach the highest standards for them and others.

Sorting tracker

The sorting tracker is a customisation developed for ManpowerGroup to achieve a high level of error-free sorting.

  • We help to define the right bin for each type of waste
  • Our commit quizzes help to raise awareness and enable learning
  • The evolution of waste sorting and generation is visible on our dashboard

It’s time to shape a more wellbeing-oriented environnement for workers with a lower footprint.


  • Human-centric (interaction & collaboration)
  • Data-driven (monitoring & visualisation)


  • Valuable data
  • Interactive environment
  • Collaborative governance
  • Trust relationship
  • Efficient management


"Ekowz’s purpose to leverage the power of data to help individuals build sustainable consumption habits closely aligns with ManpowerGroup’s ESG strategy, and by launching this pilot together we believe we can co-create sustainable solutions for the future of work, empowering our own employees and accelerating towards our ambition of reaching net zero by 2045 or sooner.” – Ruth Harper, ManpowerGroup Chief Sustainability Officer


VivaTech, 14th June
Ekowz solution was showcased at the ManpowerGroup’s Lab in the biggest startup & tech event of Europe, Viva Technology. We also participated to a talk about ESG and employees commitment in big companies with Ruth Harper, ManpowerGroup Chief Sustainability Officer, and Laurence Morvan, Accenture Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. 

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Collaborative exchange, 21th July
Before and during our deployment we always involve employees to make sure the environment is tailored and fit their expectations. We organized several focus groups and interviews to assess employees needs and spread their ideas.

20220721 Mpg Consider Marketing

Devices deployment, 8th September
To collect valuable data, we deploy smart devices that analyze. They gather the quality of the environment and the habits of employees. On this basis, employees monitor in real-time the different scores and interact to optimize their environment.